DIDCOIN- The New Cryptocurrency

Early in the Middle East, the main problem is the transaction. Many countries of the Middle East ban PayPal and skrill which is a problem for international transactions. The main user of an international transaction include freelancers, importers, People work from other countries and business dealers face transaction problems. The currency of all Middle East countries is different, so there is the problem of a high inflation rate.

The upcoming Era is Digital. So, many companies started a cryptocurrency which is a Digital Currency.

Cryptocurrency is legal in many countries except a few ones. By cryptocurrency, we can trade, invest and send money to others and many more. The main problem of cryptocurrency is the high inflation rate. When we transfer money digitally, then it takes some time to transfer. This may create a problem in markets and shopping plazas. The transfer cost of this cryptocurrency is 20% which is very high.

The solution to other Cryptocurrency Problems are Didcoin

Didcoin is a Digital Dinar. It is a new financial product for Middle East countries. A convenient payment service that provides access to more than 500 million people to all modern financial services.

Didcoin is a new amazing service. It becomes easier to transfer money now to other currencies without loss of savings.

● It’s more reliable and sends money faster than any other platform within a minute.

● There are no extra charges to transfer money.

●The cost of buying Didcoin is only 5% of the total transaction through ATM, which is affordable.

● It also gives great discounts and bonuses by using it in hotels, stores, and restaurants.

● Didcoin is going to launching the app for trading.

Didcoin main purpose is to provide people an easier and fast way for transactions in their currencies. This service may bring a great change in money transactions in Middle East Countries.

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